Vision and Mission


YAVARD visualizes a society in which peace, justice and equality prevail and wherein all citizens irrespective of caste, creed and language and religion live in peace and communal harmony YAVARD also envisages a society where the poor, the marginalized and the under privileged have equal opportunity for their involvement in the developmental process which is value based and sustainable and also have appropriate environment to develop their fullest potential.


To strive for a peaceful, contended, prosperous, educated, happy and healthy community with prevalence of cultural, communal, linguistic and racial amity, Friendship and brotherhood having but renewed emphasis on the protection and presentation of the environment and to propagate the value and real culture of democracy as the only viable choice of the people in general or particular.

Aims and Objectives

a. Liveli hood development of the poor people through NRM
b.Good Qualityand relevant education to all (Girl child education,retainon of dropout and enroolment drive)
c .Skill development(trining)
d. Institutionalisation and Capacity building
e.Health development
f.Preserve and protection of environment
g.Peace building and Research work
h.Support service to distress
i.Accleration /implimentation of Govt.plan and programme


¨ Participatory approach
¨ Access and control over the resources and knowledge
¨ Equity in resource allocation
¨ Gender Equity


¨ Integrity
¨ Accountability
¨ Commitment to work
¨ Respect for the community
¨ Belief in peoples power
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